May 18

Family Bike Ride- Success.

PJ’s first full ride on the new Yuba Mundo took place this past Saturday. A full write up will happen soon. For now here is a photo! DCIM100GOPRO

May 10

Video: Birth of an American Cargo Bike

This is a longer video than I usually post but it’s totally worth a 20 minute watch. Liz Canning, a friend of Bike4Heck did a great job on this video segment. I was not a co-producer in this project but I’m apart of the larger project she is doing that this was an excerpt from, that project is the Less Car More Go project. On this video a photo in the intro is one of mine. – Matthew

Apr 10

Video: Time to feed the Chickens

Here is another YouTube find. This time its a Yuba Mundo hauling a young boy and 100 pounds of chicken feed. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Mar 10

Video: Window Repair Business and a Cargo Bike

I stumbled upon this video of a fully loaded Yuba Mundo that is set up as the work bike for a man with a window repair business. Nice setup. I really liked what he did with the way he attached bugie cords to the frame, although it looks like the U-Bolds could use a dremel tool to them. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Mar 03

I’m Famous! (Video to Prove It!)

I got about my 10 seconds of fame here in San Antonio in this video by Liz Canning as I was leaving HEB with a load my dad shot video of my using the Go-Pro 2. I didn’t even release I made it into the Less Car More Go Kickstarter video “LESS CAR MORE GO: a quick test ride” but I did. How call is that. I also see many of my fellow bloggers in this video like Stacy from A Simple Six. The video has a catchy tone so I hope you enjoy it.

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