Aug 10

Video: Laundry Trip with Bikes at Work Trailer

Laundry Trip with Bikes at Work Trailer video:

Aug 04

SA Seeks Advice on Multi-Modal Transportation.

This is very important to do today!

The City of San Antonio is looking for input on multi-modal transportation (walking, cycling, bus, car).

Today is the last day for the open house which will be held at the Pan American Library from 4-6pm.

If you can’t make it your can do the online survey instead until August 11th

Address for Library:
1122 W. Pyron Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78221
Phone: (210) 207-915011057378_1650356235206045_6805171794023943799_n

Aug 02

New Version 5 of the Yuba Mundo (video released)

Jul 31

200 Miles and No Time to Write

I just want to get an update out there today on the site so my regulars know what has been going on here in San Antonio, Texas. Live have been happening, PJ had his first birthday party, my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, started planning for a Kidical Massive in San Antonio and we took a family vacation to the beach. All these things are wonderful and exciting however since this is bicycling blog it’s important to state that I’ve been doing more riding of by bicycles than ever since starting the blog. I’ve been taking PJ on rides daily averaging about 3 miles per day. Some evenings once PJ is asleep I’ve been able to get a kitchen pass and do some joy riding around on the Yuba Mundo V4.3 (they just announced a version 5 that will be coming out soon.)

I’m sure that this post will have typos and errors. I’m sure because my wife Tina is the one with the English degree and she is the editor of the site meaning that she proof reads each post. Having a one year old and a new love for cycling makes for a very busy house hold where it’s just getting harder to sit down and write. The school year will be starting in the next few weeks and thus it will get more difficult to devote time to writing blogs and even riding the bicycle. (My wife and I are both teachers).

Between now and the start of the school year (Mid-August) I hope to get some posts scheduled and have them at least posting one per month of my adventures even if they are back dated a bit.

Jul 10

Video: Art in Transit Video

Here is a video from one of the fellow Less Car More Go documentary co-producers. He is an artist with an extra cycle and this is his video about Art in Transit. I hope you enjoy seeing that he does with this xtra-cycle. His latter transport was quite eye opening.


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