Apr 16

Back to the Future

It has been a while since I’ve been able to update the blog. So far 2017 has been very busy for my wife and I. As teachers it’s also crunch time of the year. We have still been riding bicycle and have gotten out on the Cargo Bikes. I’ve been holding Monthly Kidical Mass Bike Rides (with the exception of March due to Siclovia).

As we settle into summer hopefully I’ll be able to find more time to write… or it I could ever get the Delorean working and I can get up to 88MPH I’ll be able to make time to write. LOL

Cheers…. I’ve got more Siclovia Photos to come.
PS. My so fell asleep on the back of the bike… so I just let him sleep while we took this photo… got to love that Yepp Maxi and the Yuba Double Kickstand.


Jan 30

January 2017 Kidical Mass (Park to Park Ride)

Here is a photo from the Kidical Mass bike ride that I led on Jan. 29, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

We rode about 5.75 miles. 16265632_724813564361460_5041105283188876304_n 16265337_10100566408929302_2018753247005206407_n 16266094_10100566409088982_2040396384098573954_n 16425720_10100566408110942_9120628243275011792_n 16265805_10100566408170822_6431414893600099233_n 16388199_10100566408210742_6490943509936020894_n

Jan 24

Upcoming Park to Park Ride

I’m happy to announce an up coming ride that will be from one Park to another in San Antonio all on a paved path! Check out this family friendly bicycle ride.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/380899215607793/

Jan 18

Balance Bicycle Practice Continues

I decided to stop my son’s progress on the balance bicycle a few months ago because he wasn’t mature enough to stop riding it. It became a fight every time he was on it. So we re-introduced it recently and he is doing well. Here are some photos.


15781371_10100548017730412_4096874212017537881_n 15781650_10100548018099672_3234343867249034881_n 15826379_10100548018219432_7120882361361272436_n 15826888_10100548018868132_105486959795197290_n 15873462_10100548018473922_2579749192480671278_n (1)

Dec 18

Christmas Light Bike Ride 2016

It’s been a busy school year, I switched grades that I teach so I’ve not been able to post lately and riding hasn’t taking place as much as I would have liked.

I was about to attend the 5th Annual Wild Dawg Christmas Light bike Ride with Tina and PJ.
The ride was really nice and had about 35 cyclists going through downtown San Antonio. When we started the ride at 7pm it was 74F and by the end of the ride around 9pm it was 41F with a 20 MPH wind. We rode as the front blew in and it made it seem as if we were ushering in the Christmas Season.

Here are some photos:





15541152_10100538878779942_6614760887781244020_n 15589562_10100538877297912_8227116807830685521_n 15420775_10100538165953452_7063528415275544184_n 15590140_10154096792682452_9088916460448275536_n 15590159_10100538878874752_3880637809571320929_n 15590650_10100538878909682_7025900106370632977_n 15622181_10154096792517452_5994117431623781929_n 15622520_10100538165943472_8174454478913983075_n


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