Mar 26

Bcycle Adventure

Bcycle Start to the day.
Blue Star Bcycle Station in San Antonio, TX

Yes you read that title right… Bcycle Adventure! No “i” there on purpose. Bcycle is San Antonio’s Bicycle Share program. Users can rent bicycles from kiosks around town for a minimal fee of $10 per day. Tina and I are annual membership holders and thus there is not a charge for the bicycles; it’s included with our membership fee. We bought the membership on sale for around $30 each and thought that would be a great investment since downtown usually means parking fees and with the Bcycle membership we can park at free lots and ride into downtown. Thursday, March 15, 2012 was a great day to make use of our Bcycle membership. We drove to the Blue Star kiosk and checked out two bcycles and rode the river walk to Main Plaza for a quick check in of the bcycles (they must be checked in every 30 minutes, or you’ll be charged $2). At Market Sqaure we did some shopping and purchased a Penny-Farthings bicycle decor item for our patio.

Bcycle in a Bicycle
Tina’s bcycle at Market Sq loaded with Penny-Farthings decor.

We realized that the thing was too big and heavy to carry around all day, so we rode back to Blue Star to put it in our Honda. Then we headed to the Shops at La Villita and checked out some local artists work. Then we decided to sit and watch people at the Arneson Theater for a while. After getting our fix of people watching we check out the bcycles again and rode to Main Plaza then walked to Mexican Manhattan for dinner. Afterwards we returned to main plaza to sit and listen to local jazz artists play live. It was a fun day and thanks to Bcycle we didn’t have to worry about our personal bikes being locked up in a rack while we were in shops. Give Bcycles a try!

More Photos Below:

Colorful Art
La Villita Art Area in San Antonio, Texas
Sitting on a Wall
Wall Sitter at Arneson Theater – San Antonio, Texas
Camera G12
Tina at Mexican Manhattan
Venus and Jupiter in Main Plaza
Venus and Jupiter over Main Plaza (Jazz Band pays in Background)
Jazz at Main Plaza
Live Jazz Band sponsored by KRTU FM at Trinity University.