Apr 11

For Lindsay of You Ain’t Got Jack: Basic Budget Tool Kit.

The Tool Holder
Which Tools do you need?

I recently replied on a blog post by Lindsay of the blog “You Ain’t Got Jack“. I really like the fact that Lindsay has taken it upon herself toget healthy by riding a bicycle. This is the same reason that I originally took upcycling again. My reply to her post was about the need to carry a spare locking cablefor the Yuba Mundo inside the giant Go Getter Bags. This is an ideathat hatched like a new born baby chicken with the incubator set in overdrive when I realized on a grocery run thatI didn’t grab the key chain with the key for the U-lock that lives on my Yuba.So I rode over to Home Depot and bought a combination cable lock which now makes itsplace in my go-getter bags. I figure any lock is better than none in my lowcrime area.

Soon to helping a fellow cargo biker:

Abasic budget minded tool kit (what I carry on my bike):
  • $1 Small Adjustable Wrench (that fits the Yuba’s rear axle bolt and front bolt)
  • $5 Basic Inter-tube without Slime
    • Slime tubes are good but it makes the tube thick and harder to store in a saddle bag.
    • Make sure it fits your needs (know your tire size)
  • $2 Bicycle Flat Repair Kit (old fashion glue kind, none of those peal and stick jobs here).
    • I remove the patches, sand paper, and rubber cement from the container it comes in (that just takes up space)
    • Practice! If you’ve never repaired an inner tube before learn how to!
    • I usually just replace tubes and only patch to “get home,” wasteful, I know, but I don’t like slow leaks and patches are hit and miss. 
  • $10-12 Compact Air Pump
    • Just be careful you don’t damage the inner-tube’s nozzle thingy filling it up (it can get cut on the rim if you don’t support the pump while airing up the tire)
    • For the reason stated above, I sprung for the CO2 Air pump and I carry 1 extra CO2 Cartridge for good measure. The CO2 route cost usually between $25-$60 depending on the model and you will have to shop at a bike shop to get these. 
  • $1 of spare cheap-o AAA Batteries as back ups to my lights. 
    • Get what fits your needs and I like cheap-o non-alkaline batteries are because  cheap and most importantly they are very light weight.
  • $7 Bicycle Multi-Tool
    • Something similar to one posted in the link above. 
  • $10 Under the Saddle Bag just a cheap department store (Target) one is fine, just make sure everything fits. These are also know as wedge packs.
  • $2-3 Plastic Tire Wrenches – These help get that tire off the rim. You need 2 or 3. 
    • I like the kind that fit together for storage  (more compact)
Hank the best Bike Mechanic in Texas
Hank Repairs My Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

So the grand total comes to $38 to $41 for the basic pump set up and $51 to $86 for the option with the CO2 Pump which will not make your arm fall off when installing a new tube, and it gets you back on the road faster. Plus you want to have a $20 bill tucked away in there too as well as a couple of band-aids. 

In researching the options out there I saw some things that I liked that could form the basis of a kit, personally I think that an extra inner-tube is a non-negotiable item. 
For home use I’m more advanced setup with a Park Tool Bicycle Repair Stand, Turing Stand, and a Tool Kit from Performace Bicycles. Perhaps I’ll a blog on that later… I was able to completely rebuild an old cruiser with those tools. 

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