Apr 15

April 2012’s Second Saturday Ride with Slow And Low San Antonio

Yuba+53 MPB +Jazz=Good!

Start of the Ride

Tina and I woke up to a windy 2nd Saturday in April 2012. As ususal we loaded up the Honda Element with bikes and headed out to the SALSA 2nd Saturday bicycle ride that meets up near the San Antonio Zoo.

The ride was scheduled to start at 10:00 AM but we didn’t start riding until around 10:30 AM. There wasn’t anyone there that we’re offical SALSA Facebook Admins so the group nominated me to lead the ride.

I accepted so I said “Ok! Follow the big blue bike!” and off we went. There was about 15-20 riders on all types of bicycles mostly cruisers.

Bikes at Peal - SALSA 2nd Saturday Ride

SALSA Bikes At Pearl





I was on my Yuba Mundo and Tina rode her Sun Cruz 3 speed. I followed the usual route taking the group through Brackenridge Park to Lion Field Park then the separated bike lane on Avenue B to the Riverwalk. From there we rode to the Pearl Brewery’s Farmers Market. We stopped at the Farmers market for a long time and enjoyed the food and music.

When it was time to go I mounted up and off we rode to the FrankenBike event at Alamo Bike Shop. I personally didn’t think this FrankenBike was that great or perhaps I’ve been to too many and I’m noticing the same ol’stuff from the same ol’sellers. I did see some new t-shirt vendors and Tina bought a t-shirt with a bicycle on it… no not the “Fight Back” one pictured here. The weather all day was looking like a rain shower might start at any moment so Tina and I didn’t stick around too long today and we left the FrankenBike and rode back to the car. I really liked the route that we rode as it was “new” to us.

On the way back we took the N. St. Marys bike route which took us by one of our favorite local dives Kings Court. Unfortunately, they were closed for an emergency so we didn’t get to chow down on some great hot dogs. While near Kings Court I spotted an awesome sign on newspaper stand stating “Bikes May Use Full Lane” and it even gave the legal codes! I’m all for plastering these up everywhere especially on the windshields of those drivers who honk and/or yell get on the sidewalk…LOL. Seriously, I thought the “Fight Back” shirt (Pic Below) was funny but I’m worried about cyclists going too far…. (Blog Fighting Back on that coming soon).

Fight Back!
Well, it was a great day to be on a bicycle in San Antonio here are some photos for you to enjoy:

Matthew and His Yuba Mundo

Myself at the start of the ride.


Transit Connect

Transit Connet with Bikes at Start of the Ride


Alamo Bike Shop- Franken Bike

Alamo Bike Shop FrankenBike


Yuba At Pearl

My Yuba @ Pearl



Franken Bike April 2012

Vendors at FrankenBike



Great Sign

Bicycles Allowed Full Lane Sticker

Get out there and ride! – Matthew