Apr 27

Opening Day Adventure

If you are from Texas you know that HEB is the grocery store of choice in 98% of Texans. After moving to our house on the Northside of San Antonio we heard from a worker at our nearest HEB that that store was the busiest of all the stores in the San Antonio area. So it didn’t come as a total surprise when HEB broke ground on a newer one which has a set up similar to Wal-Mart Super Center. Friday, April 27, 2012 was a school holiday for San Antonio due to the Fiesta Battle of Flowers parade which meant a day off of work for us teachers. This day also happened to be opening day for the new mega HEB store. If you’ve been following my blog you know that we have been riding our bikes to the old HEB for sometime to get groceries.

departure to the New HEB on Opening Day

Departure photo at the start of our day.

Friday, started like a typical day spent car-free. We got up and got the bikes ready and headed down the road to shopping center.


Shoe Shopping via bicycle

Shoe Store Stop

Tina and I rode over to the shoe store first to allow Tina to shop for shoes. Then we walked over to Old Navy to check out the clearance racks. Around lunch time we unlocked the bikes and headed over to Chili’s for some great salads (their Carribean Salad is great!). After eating we rode over to the crowded new HEB.

Chili's Lunch time bike break

Improvised Bike Rack At Chili's

I’m glad we took the bicycles to the new HEB because the parking lot was so over crowded with cars trying to enter the parking lot it was causing a backup the freeway access road. We rode our way around the mess of cars and locked up at the bicycle rack right at the front door.

Bicycle parking at New HEB

Bikes at HEB

Crazy lines at Bandera/1604 HEB

Crowds at HEB

HEB was totally crowded it took us nearly 1/2 hour just to check out. It really was a mad house there. Today’s load included the following groceries: 1 gallon of Milk, 1/2 gallon of orange juice, tortillas, bread, hot dog buns, a whole chicken, 1lb of Deli Ham, 1 lb of deli turkey, 1/2 pound of cheese, fresh cut green beans, bag of apples, puppy pads, peanut butter, granola bars, tea, t-shirt, soap, batteries, yogurt, cereal, gold fish crackers, ground beef.


miss-use of space

Misuse of Bicycle Parking Area on HEB's Opening Day

Bandera/1604 Bicycle Parking

HEB's Many Racks

Bikes waiting to be loaded with Groceries

Bikes ready to depart HEB and head home.

Once again… get out there and ride y’all! – Matthew