Jul 05

Update: Why haven’t I had an adventure in a while?

Well, folks I owe you an update. I haven’t been able to ride my bicycle in the past two weeks because of a fall I took up in Ohio. I fell while walking down steps at my friend’s deck in Beaver Creek, Ohio. It was right after a rain storm and the decking material was wet. So I’ve been taking it easy and not riding the bicycle yet.


Tomorrow evening, is the Slow and Low San Antonio Bicycle ride and I plan to ride my bicycle. This ride will be my first time back on the bicycle since the fall.

I never went to the doctor but I called then and they said to give a few weeks before we do an MRI. The knee never got swollen,¬†bruised¬†and I didn’t loose any range of motion. So after doctoring it for a good while I’m proud to stay I’m feeling much better so I’m ready to get back on the bicycle.