Jul 08

First Friday Bike Ride July 12′ – Back in the Saddle….for a short ride

My first attempt at riding a bicycle after my knee injury was a success!

I was able to pedal my Yuba Mundo on the Slow and Low San Antonio’s (bike group) First Friday Bicycle Ride. ¬†I only made it to the first stop which was about 1 mile away and rode back however, this wasn’t due to my knee but rather the fact that Tina was feeling queezy due to the heat.

So when Tina got sick I made use of the Yuba’s ability to tow a bicycle and carry a person! I sat her front tire in the go-getter bag and strapped it in then she sat on the back rack. I successfully carried her and her bike back to the car while she just enjoyed the ride.

We were successful at riding but stopping and dismounting was another story! We fell! No serious injuries just a tumble and some embarrassing moments. We need to practice dismounting again with bicycle in two and her riding sideways on the back of the Yuba.

Since, I only rode a short distance I don’t have much to say about the bicycle ride itself but as for my knee I was able to ride without pain even when towing Tina and her bicycle! So even though I couldn’t continue because she was sick I really did enjoy carrying Tina and her bike back to the car it it made me feel confident that I can return to riding to the grocery store to get food knowing that fall in Ohio didn’t mess up my cycling ability all summer.

Here are some pictures from the ride:

The Yuba Mundo and I