Nov 25

New Bicycle: 2012 Novara Transfer Bike (7 speed internal)

I haven’t been blogging regularly lately because my job has been keeping be very busy. To be honest I’ve not been too active on two wheels lately. My wife and I have done some bicycling recently and with recent cooler weather I’ve started doing shopping runs on the Yuba Mundo cargo bicycle. Ever sense my cycling kicked into high gear about a year and a half ago I’ve really been wanting to commute to my job with is located about 8 miles away however there are many things to overcome.

First, was the ability to scale the hills between here and here and there are many. Second, was all my bicycle’s weren’t really equipped for the task of daily commuting. They were either too heavy or lacked the gears needed to make that commute.

Recently, I rode the Leon Creek Greenway on my Sun Cruiser 3 speed that only has a coaster break. Well, one has to know some basic physics and know that an object in motion wants to stay in motion and with my mass and the grade of some of those hills my coaster break was audibly letting me know that they were up to this task. So my wife and I began talking about searching for a commuter bicycle.

I had a good idea of what I wanted. A steel frame bicycle without suspension and 700C sized wheels. It also would need to be equipped with fenders and a rear rack so panniers could be taken along. I also wanted to v-breaks over disc mainly because know how to service V-breaks and discs are still a mystery to me. I searched most bike shops here in San Antonio but found the picking slim at best. Recently, a REI store opened up here so I strolled in and became interested in at first a Novara Breezer. I rode it and was pretty interested. A few days later I went back to look at it with my wife, Tina, and noticed a Novara Buzz with bright green paint. It was nice but I didn’t care for the shifters and I also didn’t care for size the frame was a little too tall. Thanks to Scooter, REI bike guru, we located a Buzz up in Roundrock, Texas in the size that I needed. We drove up I-35 that very day to go look at it since I was on clearance and they’d only hold it for 24 hours.

When I walked into the REI store in Round Rock I noticed this nice brown bicycle with fenders, rack, 700c wheels, reflective sidewalls, v-breaks, internal geared rear hub (I’m a fan of internal geared hubs!). This baby was totally set up with everything I wanted and more. It was only about $100 more than the Buzz. When running through the numbers in my head it seemed the clearance brown bike called the Transfer was going to be the best on the pocket book because the Transfer not only had what I mentioned earlier it also had a dynamo hub with lights. The riding style was also more upright.

So long story short we ended up comparing the Transfer to the Buzz and Transfer is what we needed up with. The transfer that I have has been discontinued but replaced with the much more costly Novara Gotham bike ($1,300 range). The Gotham is a belt driven planetary  NuVinci gears, and disc breaks.. while all that is the Gotham is more than twice the amount I paid for my Transfer. I’m more comfortable at as a beginner commuter at the price point that I got in at with the Transfer.