Dec 07

Reworking the Trek 3700WSD to an Urban Bike

Test fitting the rack (borrowed from my Sun Cruiser)

One project that I’ve had going on in my head for a while was making Tina’s Trek 3700 WSD mountian bicycle more pavement friendly. See up to this point her most comfortable bicycle for urban riding has been her Sun Cruz 3 speed. It’s apparent now that only 3 speeds and only coaster breaks can sometime have a disadvantage in hillier terrain that lately we’ve been wanting to ride for fitness. That would be the Leon Creek Green way paved trial system here in San Antonio, Texas. Parts of this system are so hilly that 3 speeds simply isn’t enough.

So I decided the budget minded option for us would be try to set up her existing mountain bike to a more comfortable bicycle for her to ride on pavement. I bought the Trek Mountian bike for her a few months before we were married (about 8 years ago). At the time I was into mountain biking and she wasn’t really that into it. She fell many times on the Trek and it just wasn’t her go-to bike even when she did come around to riding more. The bike just didn’t have any good memories for her and it wasn’t practical anymore for the riding style that we are currently into.

A few weeks ago I set my sights on tweaking the mountain bike into a hybrid fit for urban commuting. It is about 90% down with only a few minor things needed to complete: Lights and a rear rack.

One of the first things I did was ditch those knobby tires in favor for some smoother ones. Searching Amazon.com I came up with the Kenda K841C Komfort Wire Bead Bicycle Tires for around $17. I really would have liked to put some Schwalbe tires on those rims but knowing just how many bad memories Tina has with this bike I thought I should go cheap then upgrade it later if she chooses to ride it more frequently.

The tires I ended up putting on are only slightly narrower than the knobby tires (they are still the 1.95’s) and they aren’t true slicks as I still wanted her to have some grip for times when we have to ditch the paved path on the Leon Creek Greenway for when pedestrians are taking up the path.

I added some Planet Bike ABS Fenders on the bike and it really transformed into a green and grey urban monster that I pictured in my head. A about a year ago I put a more comfortable saddle on there so no change was needed there.

She’s not ridden the bike too far since the transformation but we did take it out to San Angelo, Texas for some urban exploring during Thanksgiving and she did a 6 mile ride on it. I’m waiting on the rear rack until i know she likes the bike in it’s current state of affairs!



Quick iPhone Snap after putting fenders on.

Taking it out for the first time after transformation.