Dec 14

Thanksgiving in San Angelo, Texas

Historic Concho Street - San Angelo, Texas

This past Thanksgiving Tina and I visited my parents in San Angelo, Texas. We decided to take our bicycles along for the trip. This multi-modal approach to trips has become the standard at our house and truth be told it’s also a little reassuring to have two bicycles on the 2004 Honda Element as we take off on these road trips since it’s got over 145,000 miles now. Just call it a little insurance about being completely stranded somewhere!

I was very excited to take my newly acquired Novara Transfer with us and Tina was equally excited to have her “Urban-a-fied” Trek 3700 WSD along as well. We did a quick two mile ride around the neighborhood of my parents on Wednesday. Then, on Saturday we rode about 6 miles round trip to Fuentes Cafe downtown to get some lunch before driving back to San Antonio.

My views on San Angelo:

San Angelo, my hometown, is a city of about 93,000 people with a very flat terrain  It is home to Angelo State University (it is part of Texas Tech and my alma mater it has about 7,000 students but projected enrollment in a few years of 10,000).

Growing up in San Angelo I was always on my bicycle riding around the dusty streets. San Angelo has so much potential for becoming a cycling community it’s not even funny. Angelo State’s campus is full of bicycles yet students rarely take them off the campus grounds. Dorms are located less than a mile from a major grocery store and every college student’s favorite place…Starbucks.

Downtown San Angelo is alive again with new businesses, mostly bars, but the city leaders don’t appear to want to embrace adapting downtown to be cycling friendly. Recent, renditions of reworking parking and new street layouts of downtown San Angelo didn’t include a complete streets model which is very sad.

Chatting with my father who is a member of the news media in the area he said that the city council wants to develop bicycling routes along the Red Arroyo Creek in San Angelo. I assume this is for a approach for increasing recreational cycling which San Angelo already has a good amount of with the 50+ miles of mountain bike trails at the San Angelo State Park. San Angelo has long supported such events as the iron man triathlon but the city has let to openly embrace cycling as a valid mode of transportation rather than just a recreational activity.

The city council in San Angelo is trying to develop the town into a tourist mecca and city is in an identity crisis.. is it a college town? maybe? Is it a agricultural community? maybe? Is it a military city with Goodfellow AFB within the city limits? maybe? A retirement community? maybe?   OR maybe it’s a little mix of them all. One thing  is that its not as bike friendly as it could be.

Here are some photographs from our adventure. We are the trail blazers in the ol’e West Texas town of San Angelo by riding our bikes for transportation.  My parents are on Electra Townie 3i’s.

Here are some photographs:

The Line Up- Precheck


Riding over the Lone Wolf Bridge


Oaks Street


Horse and Bicycle


Riding down the historic Concho Street.

Riding past the Historic Fort Concho