Sep 07

Bicycle Lover – A San Antonio Short Film & Bike4heck Updates

Short Update:
As an elementary teacher this is an extremely busy time of the year here at Bike4Heck.com. We have been devoting much of our energy to getting started with the school year since late July. As we settle into the school year I’m looking forward to writing more for the blog. I have an update on the Yuba Mundo with it’s newly installed custom kickstand from Steve Bode of Yuba Bicycles. Also, more Yuba Mundo cargo bike news is that I’m toying around with the idea of a modular BBQ setup for the Yuba! Can anyone say picnic bike!!

Also, expect interviews from San Antonio cyclists/commuters as well as other cyclists across the world!

Site Housekeeping:
After taking down the requirements to register before commenting on a post a little over a month ago I’ve been flooded with 1,800+ Spam comments and thus I’m reluctantly re-issuing the registration requirement. I hate to do this but the robospam bots have been hitting the site hard since it was featured nationally on Yuba Bicycles blog a while back.