Jan 31

Changes, Challenges, Excuses and Plans 2015

As mentioned in my previous post It has been a while since I have been able to write for the site since it was down due to a add-on script error thanks to an outdated add-on for Word Press. After giving a quick update when the site got back up I thought I would take the time to write my readers and let them know what has been happening here in San Antonio and also what has been happening here in the Bike4Heck family.

Big Changes in the Bike4Heck House and San Antonio for 2014-2015:

Right now the city of San Antonio has a new interim-mayor and we will be holding an election soon for a new mayor. This has me a bit nervous because the previous mayor, Julian Castro, was very big on increasing bicycle infrastructure in San Antonio and it was under his watch that the bicycle master plan was passed. During his time here in San Antonio we saw a vast expansion of bike lanes and trails and signs that reminded motorists to share the road and that bikes can use the full lane and the start of Siclovia. Castro has now moved on to a position in Washington D.C..

What will the future bring for San Antonio it’s uncertain but only time will tell. I hope we continue to move forward with pro-cycling city policies but lately some actions have left me doubting what will happen to the future of two wheeled transportation in San Antonio. I will be exploring these doubts in the next few blog posts over the month of February.

It is time to fess up. I have not been on a bicycle in sometime there are many reasons for this and my waste line is showing this as well. So let me shoot my excuses at you and see what passes mustard. I enjoy riding with my wife it’s the most fun I have on a bicycle but since she was considered a high-risk pregnancy she was not allowed to ride the bicycle during the pregnancy. I still found some time last spring to hop on the Novara Transfer and Yuba Mundo occasionally for a solo ride but those times soon faded as the time came near for the little one to arrive. Arrive he did, 3 weeks early. He was born July 15 at around 4:32 am and he was 7 pounds 10 ounces. He was a happy healthy baby boy and we might have been released early however just about the time they wanted to release PJ to us PJ took a turn for the worse. He got very Jaundice and ended up staying in the Neonatal intensive care unit for about a week. For the first month we had to closely monitor feedings and weight gain etc.

A new Family of 3

Finally, we got the clean bill of health and things stabilized now he is a nice big tall 6 month old who likes tortillas, has 1 tooth, and loves his dog a little too much! He knows a few words already (mommy, daddy, dog). So now the challenge is to try to get a ride in while juggling the lack of sleep the stress of the worst part of the school year for us (Mommy and Daddy are both teachers). Another struggle will be the challenges of taking an infant on a bicycle ride. So I’m sure this this will be the focus of the blog over the next few months to a year or so. If that sounds interesting to you then please bookmark bike4heck and let me know you are reading by dropping me a comment here. Also I have added an RSS Feed button to the site and an email subscription option as well. You will find both of those in the side menu on the right.

Playing PJ

We have a new cargo bicycle in the family.

Lastly, a step in the right direction. As many of my long time readers know I have had a version 1 Yuba Mundo for sometime. I was able to purchase it locally for a great used price and it needed some work but thanks to Hank’s Bicycle Shop in Helotes, Texas we got it all up and running. Well, earlier this week I was able to meet with Steve Bode the Outreach Director for the Yuba Bicycle company (Outreach Director is new title for him at Yuba) and I was able to pick up a new in the box Yuba Mundo version 4.3 which will be a major upgrade to the version 1. I still plan on keeping the version 1 mostly because I like the fact that it is the heritage of the line and it it made in Germany. But really Who knows I might sell it down the road. Until then I think it would be nice to have some rides with the wife while we are both on Mundos! Just think of all the stuff we can haul!

The new bike is still in the box and I’ve not even unpacked it yet. The month of February is a real busy one at work so I’m not sure I will have the time to get to the build until spring break in March. I also want to document my unpacking and setup for Yuba as a reference but there is also a chance I might just want to get riding so I might end up taking it to a bike shop to have it built and just enjoy the new bike. Time will tell.




So here is the 13 point plan for the site in the next 12-18 months

1. More posts about the struggles of new parents and the desire to get back out on two wheels (I could use some encouragement here from you guys… A Simple Six, Car Free Days, etc… come on fellow bloggers!)
2. Unpacking and getting the new Yuba Mundo V4.3 ride ready.
3. The climate change (pun intended) for cycling in the San Antonio, Texas area
4. I might try to write a post about “San Antonio… is it the new Austin?”
5. Posts about venturing out on two wheels for fun if I can get the kitchen pass.
6. Bicycle Rodeo at my campus (Matthew’s) .
7. More cycling interviews from commuters and San Antonio Area Cyclists I would like to do at least 1 per quarter.
8. Ham radio and cycling… does it work?
9. Bicycle Astronomy here in San Antonio?
10. Old Yuba Mundo V1-2 Vs. New Mundo V4.3 write up
11. Life with a cargo bike and a baby
12. More trips to the shopping center for groceries, etc on bicycle.