Feb 16

Maiden Voyage of the New Yuba Mundo V4.3

Crazy Rims and Practical Bike

Crazy Rims and Practical Bike

I’ve been a bit excited about the new bicycle in the garage and eager to ride it since I brought it home in it’s giant cardboard box. After I put it together it did spend sometime at REI getting everything checked over after I put it together. It really only needed minor adjusting of the disc breaks, front derailleur and a new spoke to replace a broken one. It ended up being about $36 worth of work which I thought was more than reasonable.

Looking at the pantry, it became apparent that I needed to make a trip to  HEB (my local grocery store). So Friday night I installed the Go-Getter bags on the new Mundo then took it for a spin around the block. Everything seemed set for a trip so I went to bed ready to get up early Saturday and go for a ride to the store a short distance away.

I left about 8:45 am for the shopping center and peddled my way to the store. The new bike rode nicely it felt comfortable and smooth. Traffic was a bit heavier than I expected along the Loop 1604 access road so I’ll make a mental note to leave the house earlier next time. I rode into the shopping center and noticed a car with crazy bright rims. So I stopped there to take a photo. Then moved on through the shopping center.



Once near the HEB I stopped once more to take a photo with the HEB water tower in the background. I locked the bicycle up at the rack and I was happy to see mine was not the only bicycle there. After securing the bike I went and gathered up all items on my list. This was going to be a heavy load. I needed a case of bottle water, distilled water for the baby which is sold in 3 gallon packs, 1/2 gallon of Orange Juice, about 6 lbs of meat and about 4 lbs of produce. I got many other things too including about 5 boxes of cereal, hot dog buns, a loaf of bread, cookies for a valentines get together, a platter of deli meat and many other items. It ended up being a full shopping cart worth of stuff and a heavy load.


One of my favorite things happened on this ride. While loading the bike a nice older couple came up to me and said, “Is all that going to fit in that bike?” we went on talking and they used to do the same things on motorcycles and they stated they like to use bicycle as well. The husband made a comment that he “never saw one of these in person”. So it seems he knew about cargo bikes. We talked almost 10 minutes. Then I went back to loading the cargo.


It took a little bit of figuring out because the rear rack on the Yuba Mundo Version 4.3 is different than the version 1. So attachment points where different. I also didn’t add on the front rack that I have because I know that it scratches he head tube and I’ll be ordering a Yuba Breadbasket soon. Not having the basket in front of the handle bars made it difficult to bring home the more delicate items. I ended up just putting them on top of the rest of the food in the saddle bags.  I know that soon I’ll be ordering the add on Yuba Bread Basket but it’s cost is a bit high so it will require budgeting.


The water made the ride a bit shaky because the water would shift during the ride. Luckily the ride home is shorter than the ride to the store (I follow the traffic pattern around the highway access road). I was happy that I made it on two wheels once again as it’s been nearly a year since I last rode a bike and it is been even longer since I made it to the HEB via bicycle.



Its amazing the sense of accomplishment that you get out of doing something that you usually take for granted and do as a chore with your car on your bicycle. I rode past the Egg and I which was crowded with a breakfast crowd and got lots of people watching me ride past.

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