Jun 16

SA Update: Vision Zero: Making San Antonio’s Streets Safe (Rivard Report)

I’ve been a fan of the Rivard Report for sometime and hope to contribute to them someday. I’ve been asked before since starting the blog.

This year, we had a run-off election here in San Antonio. We had a interim mayor, Ivy Taylor, ever since Julian Castro moved up to Washington DC. (Julian Castro was very pro-cycling) During the race, there where three major candidates and about 12 others that didn’t have a chance. After speaking with a connection at Bike Texas, a state-based bicycle advocacy group, I learned that only one candidate asked for their assistance to help develop his stance on cycling in San Antonio. That was Mike Villarreal, but sadly, Mike didn’t make it to the run-off election which was held last weekend.

Both candidates in the run-off election don’t have track records for supporting cycling in San Antonio. So it’s a bit unknown as to what will come here in the future. The cycling community here in San Antonio is still upset about the removal of bike lines on some streets which the city council approved. That move ate up the entire bicycling infrastructure budget. Sad movement for sure.

Also this month, I’ve personally known of two people hit by cars while cycling. One is still in critical condition and one died shortly thereafter.

Well, today (June 16, 2015) an article of hope was published in the Rivard Report. Vision Zero: Making San Antonio’s Streets Safe. It is written by Shirley Gonzales (City Council member District 5). In the article which is linked above  Council-woman Gonzales lays out her plan for making San Antonio streets safer for all users. She points out that San Antonio has a high rate of fatalities and serious injuries on our streets. Vision Zero is her plan to ensure that those rates decrease. According to her article, she has started a Council Consideration Request to get the ball rolling.

I highly recommend my readers do the three following things: 

1.Contact your City Council member and let them know that you want safer streets for all users in San Antonio, and ask them to support Vision Zero.

Find your City Council member here: https://www.sanantonio.gov/council

2. Read the Rivard Report Article for yourself, as it really gives a breakdown of the statistics for our safety as motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians here in San Antonio. Link here: http://www.therivardreport.com/vision-zero-making-san-antonios-streets-safe/

3. Drop Council-woman Gonzales a letter thanking her for her support for making San Antonio a safer place to live, work, and play. Of course, thank her for supporting the cycling community here in San Antonio as well.

Here is Council-woman Gonzales’ contact info:


City Hall Office

P.O. Box 839966

San Antonio, TX 78283

Office Line: 210.207.7043


Nogalitos Field Office Office
3226 Nogalitos, Suite 102
San Antonio, TX 78225
Phone: 210.207.0960
Fax: 210.207.0963


Las Palmas Field Office
803 Castroville Rd., Suite 218
San Antonio, TX 78237
Phone: 210.207.0990
Fax: 210.207.0991


– Matthew