Nov 27

July 14: 4+ miles with Tuesday Bike Club

Another attempt to catch my readers on up my previous adventures I’ve not had time to write about. This is a post about doing 4 miles with the San Antonio Tuesday Night Bike Club. This was their Hill Ride. Having just the week prior been in the hospital with stomach issues this ride got to be a bit much so I broke off and took it at my own pace. 11751788_10100285443446382_2813463079530197593_n

11737815_10100285443496282_99865371501329293_n 11755097_10100285443591092_2966679113312887301_n 11695002_10100285443501272_4375995931626125913_n 11737972_10100285443506262_2080489264931720090_n