Feb 14

Hausman Multi-Use Path will increase ridership ATX put on notice!

This path is still under construction, but soon it will become a major path that I will use to access the linear creek ways of San Antonio.  It starts on Hausman road near Loop 1604 and will run about 3.25 miles to nearly Interstate 10. This will allow access to the  shopping centers at DeZevala and I10 which includes Sam’s Club, Walmart, Home Depot, Good Sports, Goodwill, Party City, HEB, Office Max.

Many of the stores I have closer access to, but considering this path is going right past some college housing, I’m sure it will increase ridership out here in the suburbs of San Antonio. It will also connect landlocked (neighborhoods with only one entrance or two) to the multi-use path. Along this path, there is one San Antonio public library (Igo) and city park. I’m sure more families will discover it as a way to safely get to the library.

At about the mid point of this path is the trail head of the Leon Green Greenway, which is a well-used path for cyclists and gets down-right crowded on the weekends with recreational riders and Lance Armstrong types. That path is currently about 20 miles in length and bisects this multi-use path and runs from Loop 1604 and IH10 to Loop 410 and Culebra Road. Looking at the San Antonio Green way page, it looks like It also has many additional trail attributes planned and under construction. In the next year or so, it will grow with 4 more miles of pathway. In the long term plans, the city has shown that eventually it will connect the major trail systems in San Antonio, creating a major loop around the city. Currently, the greenways have about 56 miles of off road paved trails. Once they connect, cyclists who live way out in the suburban areas could use it to reach various parts of the city.

For example, when it is complete I could ride on a path without car traffic for 90% of the ride and get to the San Antonio International Airport, the AT&T Center, the Alamo, Stinson Airport and all of the San Antonio Missions. These locations are spead throughout San Antonio. From my area to the Airport is usually about a 18 mile trek tranversing some of the major highways and traffic in San Antonio. According to Google Maps, using planned greenways when complete it would be a 15.8 mile bike ride to the airport! So if I were flying with my bike, I wouldn’t need to worry about a Uber Ride cost to the airport or paying for parking while I’m away, and the commute is more than 2 miles less in distance than by car!

If San Antonio plays it’s cards right, and public support continues, San Antonio might just be the next Gold level city in Texas. Watch out Austin you have been put on notice…


Earlier this week my son and I rode a little bit of the path right before sunset.


In the next month or so, I will be posting  (I promise) a chain of emails about some of the improvements that the city is considering for this path based on some of the feedback I have provided about  safety concerns with the driveways that cross this path.



PJ in the Yepp Maxi Bicycle seat on the Yuba Mundo V4.3 on a recent ride to the Igo Library.

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