Mar 31

Sub $1k Mundo now on market

So I’ve been a fan of Yuba Mundo cargo bikes since I picked up a used version 1 Mundo  or a great price. Then eventually upgraded to a V4.3. I’ve noticed a trend starting to develop in the Yuba line and that was that the price of each revision of the Mundo seemed to go up and up. I worried that this high price might prevent new families and people on limited budgets from joining the cargo bike revolution. I worry every time I see someone riding from the grocery store with bags slung over their handle bars. I say to myself “a cargo bike would save this guy from a serious crash once those bags shift”. I have pretty much given up hope that an affordable cargo bike could be on the market especially with the discontinuation Sun Atlas Cargo (long tail cargo) which sold for about $600. I was pleasantly surprised that today when I was checking the Yuba Bicycles I saw they listed a V4 Mundo 6 speed for under $1,000 US dollars ($999 to be exact)

Update 4/1/2016 at 11:31 PM CST: 

After posting to the (R)Evolutions per Minute facebook group about my blog posting one member stated that the Sun Atlas Cargo was in fact still in production. I was told by a Sun Bicycle Dealer in Corpus Christi, Texas that the Altas was discontinued about 2 years ago. So upon hearing it was still available I researched by going to the Sun Bicycles website and looking for it (I looked under industrial) and didn’t see it. Still this particular person was quite sure it was in production and eventually said it was listed in the tricycle section and I thought huh perhaps they filed in the wrong location. So tonight when I had time I looked for myself and found out that they named a cargo hauling tricycle the same name as what was once a long tail Xtra-Cycle bike that sun offered. So it turns out that we where both right that the Atlas cargo was both discontinued and still in production.

For clarification here a photo of the Sun Atlas Cargo that I was referring to that I took on a social bike ride here in San Antonio, Texas:

Sun Atlas Cargo Long Tail Cargo



The new Yuba 6 Speed:

Source: Yuba Bicycles

More details here: http://yubabikes.com/mundo/mundo-7speed


  1. Noah

    The Sun Atlas Cargo is still available.

    1. Matthew

      As a tricycle not as a long tail which is what I was referring to. I have updated the blog per our discussion on facebook.

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