Apr 29

Tall Bikes do exist in San Antonio!

I’ve been aware that slowly over the years Cargo bikes have been catching on in San Antonio, Texas. Mostly I see Madsen Cargo Bikes and a few Surly Big Dummies. I’ve not seen another Yuba Mundo in a while but I do know they are out there as I’ve seen them. cargo bikes in generally are a rare sight but a “Tall Bike” is something not nearly as useful but it’s for sure more rare that cargo bikes.

At the most recent Kidical Mass (March 2017) I spotted a tall bike and was able to snap a photo and speak with one of the people riding one the tall bikes I spotted. He did assure me he was from San Antonio!


Tall Bikes do exist in the Alamo City after all! Nice!

Dinosaur (Small Tall Bike)

Dinosaur (Small Tall Bike)

Can you Spot the Tall bike?

Can you Spot the Tall bike?

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