About Bike4Heck

What Are You Looking At?

Short and Simple:

Simply put Bike4Heck is journal of a young family’s adventure into a less car dependent San Antonio, Texas. It’s their collection of thoughts, ideas, memories, photos and videos.

Longer Version:

Matthew and Tina are a couple in their late 20-s that live in San Antonio, Texas. They have one son (born July 2014). Both of them are teachers in the public school system. Tina used to hate riding bicycles and out-right refused! Matthew loved riding bicycles and once rode to pick meet Tina on a date in college (Tina should have known Matthew likes bicycling then!). Matthew and Tina moved to San Antonio in 2007 and took up cycling again in 2010 after feeling out of shape and lazy. Returning to cycling after years off makes you realize that your older Mountain Bikes (Univega FS-700 and a Trek 3200) aren’t so comfy like they were when frequently ridden so they bought a set of Sun Beach Cruisers with a 3 speed internal hub to get back into cycling. Having a comfortable bicycle helped Tina develop a love of cycling and now they ride together for all types of reasons too many to list, hence the name Bicycling for the Heck of It. The bicycle fleet has now expanded to include a Novara Transfer commuter bike and two long tail cargo bikes/family bikes (Yuba Mundo V1 and V4.3).

About Matthew

Matthew, a 3rd grade teacher graduated from Angelo State University with honors and a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education. Hobbies include ham radio, amateur astronomy, photography, darkroom, painting with acrylics, gardening, RC airplanes, amateur radio, camping, cooking and sport shooting.

He is very active promoting cycling within the San Antonio community and regularly attends community bicycling meeting and has even helped with presentations about bicycling for utility. He regularly rides his Yuba Mundo Cargo bicycle to the neighborhood shopping center instead of taking his Jeep Wrangler.

Matthew is also a talented photographer and has worked as a photographer for two newspapers, an international youth ministry and used to operate a Photography Business which he closed to spend more time with his son. Matthew has been an amateur astronomer since he was around the age of twelve and he is a strong advocate for anti-light pollution measures and holds the position of Dark Sky Rep for the San Antonio Astronomical Association. He is also a member of the NASA Night Sky Network, NASA Explorer Schools Educators, Astronomical League, International Dark Sky Association, and is a former member of the San Angelo Astronomy Association of San Angelo, Texas.  Matthew’s other interests include playing acoustic guitar, painting with acrylic paints, gardening, remote control airplanes, robotics, and electronics. Matthew is also a General Class Amateur Radio Operator and he is also a trained National Weather Service Sky Warn Spotter and a member of Bexar County ARES.

About Tina

Tina is a 7th grade English Teacher for Northeast ISD in San Antonio. She also is an Alumni of Angelo State University and graduated with honors as well with a Bachelors of Arts in English with a Minor in Psychology. Tina shares a similar interest in Astronomy and is an active member of the San Antonio Astronomical Association and the Astronomy League. Tina also shares an interest in photography and she Tina has a background in dramatic theater and has a developed eye for the expression of the body and face. Tina loves to read anything she can, write when she has the courage, and listen to the spoken works of other literature lovers. She has found a new love for cycling as a means to explore the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of our beautiful city. Tina is also a ham radio operator.

About “PJ”

PJ was born in July 2014 in San Antonio, Texas. He loves his dog Phoebe and likes to dance. He is growing fast and is currently trying new foods. His first word was “momma” which he said on Christmas Eve 2014. He enjoys sitting in the ham shack with his daddy while daddy is talking on the ham radio.


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