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  1. Deanna Power

    Good morning Matthew and Tina!

    I came across Bicycling for the Heck of It today, and I was wondering if I could contribute to your blog by writing an article on what bicyclists in Texas should do if involved in a crash with a motorist. I work for Personal Injury Help, and we know that it’s so common for bicyclists to be unjustly blamed for crashes.

    If you think an article on bicyclist rights and what to do after a crash could help your readers, just let me know and I’ll whip up a draft for your review!

    Have a wonderful day Matthew and Tina,
    Deanna Power

  2. Marc

    Hi Matthew-

    I just saw your post from 4/1/2016 and just wanted to drop a line to say thanks and to clarify a small point.
    The Mundo V4 is a 7 speed model, rather than 6 speed and can be found at the following link:
    Thanks again for the great post, and happy trails!

    Marc Azevedo
    Operations Manager

    1. Matthew

      Will edit it

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