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Dec 19

San Antonio Launches New Awareness Campaign

What does it take to get your city officials to take notice and address increasing tensions between the growing cycling community and motorists in a car centered major U.S. city? The answer to that question isn’t so simple. In San Antonio it took a lot including lives lost. The city leadership is focused on increasing cycling in …

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Dec 14

Thanksgiving in San Angelo, Texas

This past Thanksgiving Tina and I visited my parents in San Angelo, Texas. We decided to take our bicycles along for the trip. This multi-modal approach to trips has become the standard at our house and truth be told it’s also a little reassuring to have two bicycles on the 2004 Honda Element as we …

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Aug 24

Bicycling for Social Change and Community Building

Jun 26

Cyclist-Catalyst: Introduction to a new blog series.

Often I hear cyclists gripe about  the lack of bicycle facilities in their towns. Well, I believe we can be the voice of change. This series “Cyclist-Catalyst” will be a place where I want to share what I’ve done in our little sliver of the world which is San Antonio, Texas. I also want to …

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Apr 24

May is National Bicycle Month

It’s time to get on two wheels people! May is National bicycle month, In San Antonio there are all kinds of two wheeled action taking place. Before I dive into the events like a clown out of a canon at a cheesy 3 ring circus, let’s talk political action for a moment. I received this email from the League …

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