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Jan 20

Visit with Steve Bode – Yuba Bicycles – Director of Sales.

Friday morning I checked my email and was surprised to see a message from Steve Bode the director of sales for Yuba bicycles, makers of the new Boda Boda Cruiser and my beloved Yuba Mundo long tail cargo bicycle. Steve was going to be in San Antonio to talk with a bicycle shop that wanted to possibly …

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Jul 12

Tour De Bcycle San Antonio

Video I created using still images created from my dad’s GoPro Hero 2 as we rode along the riverwalk. video link

Mar 26

Bcycle Adventure

Blue Star Bcycle Station in San Antonio, TX Yes you read that title right… Bcycle Adventure! No “i” there on purpose. Bcycle is San Antonio’s Bicycle Share program. Users can rent bicycles from kiosks around town for a minimal fee of $10 per day. Tina and I are annual membership holders and thus there is …

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