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Mar 10

Classic V1 Yuba Mundo with BoBike Maxi seats.

This video come all the way to us from 2008! It’s a rare view of a Version 1 Yuba Mundo with child seats the out of production BoBike Maxi.  

Jan 10

Video: The Carrygo Cargo Bike

I thought this was an interesting bicycle.

Dec 16

July 28: Tuesday Morning Bike Ride


More Tuesday Morning ride photos.

Dec 14

July 30th: 8 miles after sunset


Another 8 miles after sunset complete. That puts me at about 200 miles for July cycling. Talked with a NISD police officer working security at the Ferris Athletic complex and he said I have more lights on my bike than his patrol car.  

Dec 10

July 27th: 31.7 MPH on Yuba Mundo


Morning bike ride. 5.72 miles fastest speed was 31.7 MPH down the hill at Brandies HS and River Mist that is the fastest I’ve had the Yuba Mundo v4.3 to and PJ liked it.

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