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Dec 21

Sept. 3rd: PJ’s First Football game

Dec 19

Aug 6th: Ride for Breakfast Tacos


Philip and I rode 4.75 miles to get breakfast tacos, stopped and listened to the drum section of the marching band at Brandeis HS, then returned books at the Igo Library. PJ Played with Piper at Igo. I took some video about traffic issues at Champions Gate and S Hausman, and then we headed home. …

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Dec 16

July 28: Tuesday Morning Bike Ride


More Tuesday Morning ride photos.

Dec 12

July 28th: US Olympic Swim Team Cars


Good morning ride today we saw road construction, more Speedo Competition setup at NISD swim Center. We went to Igo Library and got some books and then on the way back we saw the official US Olympic Team cars

Dec 10

July 27th: 31.7 MPH on Yuba Mundo


Morning bike ride. 5.72 miles fastest speed was 31.7 MPH down the hill at Brandies HS and River Mist that is the fastest I’ve had the Yuba Mundo v4.3 to and PJ liked it.

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