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Jan 31

Changes, Challenges, Excuses and Plans 2015

As mentioned in my previous post It has been a while since I have been able to write for the site since it was down due to a add-on script error thanks to an outdated add-on for Word Press. After giving a quick update when the site got back up I thought I would take …

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Feb 18

A Quick Fitness Ride: Back in the saddle again

Stress to the Max! Work has been stressful this year I have a rough class of students as far as behaviors are concerned. Also, there are changes taking place at home as Tina and I get ready for our new little addition coming Early Aug. 2014. Back in the Saddle Again So Feb. 18th, 2014 …

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Jun 23

Issues with my New Commuter Bicycle: Novara Transfer from REI

I really wish this post could be different, but it is what it is… about 8 months ago Tina and I took off on the Leon Creek Greenway on our Sun Cruz 3 speed coaster brake bikes. It was scary at times. The rear hub is the only brake on the bike, and it  would …

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Dec 01

Testing out the Commuter Bicycle

2012 Novara Transfer Commuter Bike

One of my goals in life is to start commuting to work by bicycle regularly. There have been many obstacles that have presented themselves, but they have been slowing going away. One of those obstacles has been a bicycle set up for the commute. I’ve got many bicycles in the stable but they were very specific to …

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Nov 25

New Bicycle: 2012 Novara Transfer Bike (7 speed internal)

Novara Transfer

I haven’t been blogging regularly lately because my job has been keeping be very busy. To be honest I’ve not been too active on two wheels lately. My wife and I have done some bicycling recently and with recent cooler weather I’ve started doing shopping runs on the Yuba Mundo cargo bicycle. Ever sense my …

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