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Apr 10

Two Wheels Smiles Video: Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike – The Grocery Getter

I really like the way this video is done. It looks like a nice colorful spring day where ever this was shot.

Mar 10

Classic V1 Yuba Mundo with BoBike Maxi seats.

This video come all the way to us from 2008! It’s a rare view of a Version 1 Yuba Mundo with child seats the out of production BoBike Maxi.  

Dec 10

Video: Build a Bike Trailer

This is a good video that I saw on YouTube about building a bicycle trailer. This one is unique in that it uses a plywood base.  

Jul 10

Video: Art in Transit Video

Here is a video from one of the fellow Less Car More Go documentary co-producers. He is an artist with an extra cycle and this is his video about Art in Transit. I hope you enjoy seeing that he does with this xtra-cycle. His latter transport was quite eye opening.  

Jun 10

Video: Yuba Bicycle Promo

Here is a video I saw on Youtube that shows Bike4Heck’s friend Steve Bode who is the director of outreach of Yuba Bicycles. (Just so we are clear I don’t get paid by Yuba to blog about my Mundo or post this video.) I’m just a fan of the line up at Yuba. I thought …

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